Misha S

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Misha started studying Yoga under a Yogi from India in 1990. Her practice was fairly minimal until a near fatal accident left her paralyzed during the 911 attacks. Due to a renewed & diligent yoga practice, her mental, physical, and spiritual health were restored. Because Yoga was such a powerful instrument in her healing, she decided to share it with others & become certified to teach. Her teaching style is that of compassion for each individual person & what their bodies have gone through. She encourages individual modifications & instills confidence. "My goal is to help people understand their bodies and what it needs to be stronger & more flexible." she says. Misha is also a licensed massage therapist & feels that her physiology awareness helps her to give proper adjustments & tips.
Misha's teaching mantra? "You are perfect the way you are! Keep practicing!":-)

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