I attended my first Bikram class in the early 90’s and nearly vomited. Several years later, during what must have been a bout of temporary amnesia, I heard myself accepting an invite to a 7AM Bikram class. Motivated only by a desire to protect my reputation as a woman who keeps her word, I showed up. Then I kept showing up, like six, sometimes seven days a week. I was hooked. I love yoga. I love how it reveals and challenges my ability to endure, focus and do Hard Things; I am captivated by how the practice of yoga and the mental and physical refinement that results from it is tangible and applicable to all aspects of life.
In an effort to explore my practice more deeply, I enrolled in Classic 26/Hatha 200 hour YTT and became a certified instructor. My practice now includes teaching, which is its own kind of refining discipline.
I hope that you enjoy taking my classes as much as I enjoy teaching them.

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