Panna P

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Paññä is a practitioner of Muay Thai in the Art of 8 limbs. He has a passion for fitness and healthy living. In 2010 Paññä started utilizing yoga in his daily activities and in 2015 he decided to learn new forms of art, with bodybuilding or body sculpture along with nutrition, dieting supplements, and healthy eating for optimal health. He believes having a holistic approach in diversity of movements brings the mind & body the ability to gain momentum & fluidity, flexibility, coordination, and to move swiftly with power and concentration.

As a certified trainer here at Hot Feet Fitness and student of life, Paññä is pleased to be a part of your journey, inspiring, and motivating each and every individual in achieving their fitness goals, progress in performance, and intensity of training.

Come join Paññä for a dynamic workout!

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