Hometown: Seattle, WA

Every practice is an open door to explore adventures within yourself: yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), mantras (repeated sounds or chants) and meditation will lead you into a journey full of new insights about your real inner self. If you are curious and adventurous about learning about yourself and developing a holistic approach to inner growth and health, Licia will guide you into this adventurous journey.

Licia has been practicing yoga for many years with different teachers from different schools, and has finished a 200-hour Teacher Training at The Craft of Teaching Yoga.

Licia has lived in different countries and is used to adapting herself to different cultures and people. Her style is infused with inspiration and elements of cultural diversity and observation of Nature. She will adapt the class and offer options according to the needs of the students. Therefore, the journey will be tailored to each student.

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