Carlee M

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Carlee is a Seattle native who grew up roaming the mountains, trails, beaches, and forests of the Puget Sound and Pacific Northwest region. Although she felt athletically inclined during her formative years, competitive sports did not fit her easygoing disposition. In her teens, Carlee discovered yoga and meditation. In 2011, a burgeoning love for both led her to become a teacher. Her approach to teaching yoga is heartfelt and buoyant, as she strives to form a soulful bond with each and every student, even if it is for just a single class. She is especially inclined to educate students on the importance of moving from their deep core body, and how to assimilate the workings of our energy body, or chakra system, during yoga and beyond. Carlee is also a Master Reiki Practitioner. In current news, her sentimental connection to nature, and empathy for those around her became the mold for her entrance to motherhood, as she now raises two young girls in the same city she was born.

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