Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with the HFF app?
The HFF app allows for:
  • easy check-in for app or in-studio classes
  • check the HFF schedule
  • take LIVE & OnDemand classes anywhere, anytime!
  • track your stats (calories, hours, etc.)
  • feedback
  • HFF contact info
Do I have to pay to watch Live and OnDemand classes?
No, Live classes are always FREE. OnDemand classes are FREE for your first 14 days, and then only $19.99 a month after that. If you are a current Hot Feet Member at one of our studios, you can "Add" access to the library for only $10 a month.
When I watch Live or OnDemand classes, do they count towards hours of my General Membership?
No, Live classes are always FREE, and when you watch OnDemand classes they DO NOT count towards time for your membership.
How often are Live classes offered?
We generally host at least one LIVE class each week. LIVE classes are always FREE to watch.
How often are OnDemand classes updated with new content?
New classes are added every month! You can enjoy doing Meditation, Korper-Stretch, Yoga Styles, BarreTwist, & X21 classes no matter where you are or what time it is.
Do you provide mats, showers, baths, changing areas and/or towels?
We provide rental mats and towels for $1 in case you forget yours. For more details about other provisions for each studio, see locations.
Do you provide mats, showers, baths, changing areas and/or towels?
We provide rental mats and towels for $1 in case you forget yours. For more details about other provisions for each studio, see locations.
I'm pretty new to exercising, are all the classes okay for me?
HFF trainers instruct beginners alongside long-time practitioners in nearly every class. Class choice is mostly a matter of personal preference. If you are just getting back into exercise, try our low impact Körper-Stretch class that is a total body stretch, a Hatha26 yoga class, or Beginner Yoga. Our instructors are trained to help all levels, so just let them know if you have a question or need a modification.
Do you provide mats, showers, baths, changing areas and/or towels?
We provide rental mats and towels for $1 in case you forget yours. For more details about other provisions for each studio, see locations.
Do I need a reservation to drop in for a class?
Drop in whenever you like! Most HFF studios accommodate more attendees than typically attend each class so reservations are not generally needed. Just show up 10-30 minutes early, and we will assist you. You can sign yourself in for class in the lobby, from your mobile device or from your computer.

If you like to check in ahead our system will allow you to check in 90min ahead of the class for all of our membership options, and with Platinum Membership you have Priority Checkin (& Rentals Included) allowing you to check in 30 days in advance.

Note: Special events and workshops often have an RSVP lists which do require preregistration and payment.
What do classes cost? Do you have specials for new people?
Click to review all membership plans. We offer a 1-day FREE pass for all new members. Take as many classes in one day as you want to get a feel for our studio!
Do you offer membership options?
Yes, we have a wide variety of membership options that cater to many different schedules. View membership pricing and options.
Do you offer student discounts? What other discounts do you offer?
Yes, we offer discounts for students and educators including home schoolers! We also offer discounts to veterans, firefighters, official cheerleaders and seniors. Look for options when you create your account.
What is the story behind Hot Feet? Why did you name it Hot Feet?
Hot Feet depicts movement, activity and a sense of urgency which is important in a world that seems to be spiraling a bit out of control with regards to our health. But, in reality, it is just a fun name!
What else do you offer besides great classes?
We are glad you asked! We are a class-lead fitness studio focused on total body wellness. In addition to instructor led classes, individual studio use, we also offer health coaching, fitness challenges, socials, and wellness workshops for members. We also offer private training, on-site workplace yoga and fitness training, and we engage actively in the communities around our studios. If you want to know more about how we can help you and your family, just ask!
Is it really hot in the studio?
HFF studios are warm, not hot. Hot gyms are typically over 100 degrees which exceeds normal body temperature. Hot Feet studios are generally 85 - 95 degrees and we also host classes that are ambient temp. Due to amazing engineering designs of our ventilation systems, we use outside air to keep the studios fresh. We also enjoy using essential oils to freshen up our studios.
What can I expect in a class?
Each class is instructor led. You will be greeted by a friendly instructor or an HFF Ambassador. You will need to check in at the studio if you have not already checked in for the class. You may pick a spot anywhere in the studio and you may come up to 30 minutes prior to the class start time. Coming early is nice especially for yoga classes as it extends the soothing mental therapy of the experience. Cleaning solution (essential oils+water) along with cleaning towels are available for your use in the studio.
What if I cannot keep up with the class?
Who cares! Go at your own pace. You may rest at any time or exit the studio if needed. Always go at the pace and level that works for you. You know your body, so listen to it. The heat does take getting used to, but you will get used to it and enjoy it! It is like a warm sunny day, and the sweat you will have helps to release toxins, make your muscles more elastic, and aid you in burning additional calories.
What do I need to bring with me?
It is best to wear comfortable clothing. You will want to bring water which is also available in the lobby. Most people use a yoga mat for all HFF class styles. Having a sweat towel is also handy. Most of all, plan to enjoy yourself! Please do bring all your tension and stress and plan to release it into the heat as soon as you begin.
How did you determine the class mix and types?
The class mix at Hot Feet studios varies slightly with each studio. We do that to allow each studio to be optimized for the community that they serve. We offer four types of regular classes. Those classes include:
  • X21 Workout
  • Körper-Stretch
  • BarreTwist
  • Yoga Styles (many different styles)
Classes at Hot Feet are very subjective to the instructor that is teaching the class and the community where the studio is located. We encourage the trainers to own their classes and to make them their own within the general framework of the HFF brand. If you are looking for other class types such as dance, HIIT, Pilates, Zumba or others then you will be happy to find that hints and influences from all of these and more make up the classes we offer at Hot Feet.

Throughout the year, we offer workshops that feature other emphases.
Can I just show up?
It is best that you create an account at prior to coming to the studio for a class. You may check in on your mobile device, computer or in studio for a class. You may also call our support team or come to a studio for assistance in setting up an account. Just know that our trainers are generally focused on greeting and preparing for the upcoming class so they may not be as attentive to assisting with a new account set up until after a class has completed.
Do your classes support meditation?
Since prayer and meditation are a choice, any HFF class could be a personal and spiritual time. As a rule, however, HFF is not a spiritual place at all. We have removed the weird from caring for yourself! We do host mediation support group classes that do have a spiritual element. Meditation has been shown to have significant health benefits. We even offer a support group membership which is for those that want to attend only meditation classes. All other membership levels may also attend these classes.
Are the classes spiritual?
HFF Yoga is not a religious experience unless, in your mind, you choose to make it one. HFF is a place to get a push to exercise of your mind, your body and your will. You will be stretched and challenged and you will surprise yourself with your results. HFF is a great place to think for sure but do not be intimidated by what you will experience. Some instructors play relaxing instrumental music while others prefer a quiet room. We do not hum or chant as a group at HFF. Some people prefer to close their eyes as they think, stretch and test their will. Others remain alert with eyes open. It is ok to pray silently on your own but the experience is not intended to be spiritual in nature anymore so than any other activity in our lives.

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