Why Chiropractic?

"It makes more sense to raise healthy kids than to fix broken adults."

~Dr. Genie Markwell; Pier View Chiropractic in Normandy Park 
I will admit it. I used to be a skeptic of chiropractic care. I had always heard about the "cracking," that occurs at an appointment and thought that can't be good for the body. After moving to Burien a couple years ago though, my thoughts about it changed. My entire family was in a multi-car accident on Highway 518 that totaled both of our cars, but thankfully left only myself and my 6 month old son at the time with minimal whiplash. I knew we needed to seek several forms of medicinal care to fully heal, and was told by a friend to check out Collins Chiropractic. Owner Dr. Aaron Collins sat me down and explained the holistic process his office approaches to the body, and I learned that chiropractic care can truly benefit our bodies. On the Collins website it says, "We believe you live your life through your nervous system – it connects all your pieces together inside you, if it’s broken, you will feel it. Your spine protects your nervous system – therefore to care for your spine is to care for your life."
From my own experience and healing process after the car injury, I found the care I was looking for. I do not have any residual pain or restriction in movement, and this is huge being that I am working and teaching fitness classes every week. My son has also been perfectly fine since the accident after he was cared for by the Collins team. I also noticed when he was sick or had ear infections last winter they were shorter and he recovered more quickly. As a Mom this made life so much easier! 
According to the article "Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Kids," from the Livestrong.com website, "An increase in chronic childhood disease is part of the reason parents today seek alternative health care for kids. Chiropractic care is an effective and affordable program by licensed providers that addresses children’s health conditions associated with the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Gentle, noninvasive and drug free, chiropractic adjustments treat, resolve and prevent a wide range of health problems."
Dr. Genie from Pier View Chiropractic also told me, "We teach our kids not to call people names and not to do drugs- yet in health, everything has a name and there is a drug to treat it. This sends a mixed message. Chiropractic is safe, gentle and effective; by using light pressure, we can remove interference to the nervous system, allowing their innate intelligence to support growth and development from a natural state homeostasis without the use of drugs. Most kids respond well to care." 
I am a believer. You don't know until you try it folks. Go chiro! 

Teanna Gentry
Director of Operations Hot Feet Fitness 

Originally published to the Westside Seattle paper 

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