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Exercising daily is vital but different than most of us think. Daily activity is important and something that is generally built into each of our lives. Even when we sleep, we burn calories and lose body weight. When we get up, sit down, walk around, move our limbs, climb stairs, drive a vehicle, sit at a desk or any other activity, we are burning calories. Our engine never shuts off. Even the energy that we extend to breathe, we use energy.
When we make a trip to the studio, we engage in the preparation for that visit, we get ourselves there, we exert ourselves when we are there, we get ourselves home and we enjoy a warm shower before getting dressed and moving forward with the balance of our day. Each of these steps cause us to use energy and burn calories.
But, here is the thing, the art of expending energy is not a mystery through our days. We all burn calories through our daily activity and getting a class or two in at a HFF studio each day is important to contributing to that mass of spent energy. What is important if you cannot make it to a class is to make sure that you are eating clean and simple at home. 
Eating clean means eating as close to nature as possible. The closer you can live to eating through a garden when you are hungry is the definition of eating clean. Eating simple is the same meaning that the less we process the things that we eat, the better those foods are going to serve us.
Do you find yourself stocking things like chips, bread, soda, pasta, desserts or other processed or packaged foods? At times, we may choose to consume these things but it is best that we refrain from "stocking" them in our homes. We are well served by stocking things that are healthy, living foods.
If you are trying to lose pounds or cut body fat, then a strong stance on what we stock at home is one of the best things we can do to ensure our success. Of course, we will win even more if we can make it to a local HFF studio for a class several times per week. Do not discount all the things that you can do for even a few minutes each day right at home if, for some reason, you cannot make it to the studio for a class.


The real key with attending classes at HFF regularly is not actually as much the energy burn but the community engagement. At HFF, you will be able to build relationships with people that, in some cases, know more than you do about health and fitness. You will also be able to encourage and contribute to the quality lives of others. The vital part of attending Hot Feet classes regularly is actually the community that erupts out of those opportunities. Those are the relationships that drive us to doing great things in our lives and with ourselves physically.

Jerrod Sessler
Founder and Owner Hot Feet Fitness 

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