When was the last time you took a different route to work? Home? Or to pick up the kids? It is very easy become conditioned to doing things one way, because of time management or any number of reasons, including just habit. Over time the grooves of a daily routine become more entrenched and often unconscious. It is not until forced or pulled by life to do things differently that changes might occur. Why? It is uncomfortable to do new things, try new things, or be open to an unpredictable outcome, especially the deeper entrenched habits.

I tried it this week. I took a different path to work. I was nervous the whole time about whether it would take me longer and questioning why I did this to myself. It was shocking how stressful it was to just do something so simple as take a left instead of the usual right. This experiment reminded me that doing yoga is much more effective if we try to be open to the constant changes that are occurring in daily in life. A regular practice can be very humbling, the paths keep changing, not everything is predictable, so vulnerability sets in and the opportunity presents itself to become an even clearer witness to all that is. I often share with students the most brave thing you can do is show up for class.

Meditative practices, like chanting, can push boundaries and be effective tools for training the mind to break from the normal routes.

Heal the deepening grooves of repetitive, unconscious living and dare to experience the variety that is the true nectar of life.

Kristen O'Conner
Hot Feet Fitness Instructor 

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