The Vegan Case

I love quotes. I love eating. I love quotes about eating & health. Here are a couple of my favorites. "A healthy inside starts from the outside." Or how about, "The food you eat is either the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison." Every day we vote on what goes into our bodies. We are in control. What are you choosing to feed your body with? I am not saying you have to eat less to feel better, you just have to eat right. 
What does "right" eating look like? Don't hate me, but I am going to make a case for eating vegan. What does "vegan" really mean? The literal translation from defines it as, "A person who does not eat or use animal products." There is scientific evidence to back up the benefits of eating vegan. I am not just saying this. The proof is in the pudding. According to the article entitled, "6 Science Based Benefits of Eating Vegan," they give an awesome overview of all the goodies that come with saving the animals from being consumed. 
1) A vegan diet is richer in certain nutrients. 
2) It can help you lose excess weight. 
3) It appears to lower blood sugar levels and improve kidney function. 
4) A vegan diet may protect against certain cancers. 
5) It's linked to a lower risk of heart disease. 
6) A vegan diet can reduce pain from arthritis. 
Ready to go vegan now? Maybe not. That's ok. I am not telling you that you have to be vegan, but incorporating a vegan diet will help you lose weight, your skin will look better, you will sleep better, you will be at a lower risk for cancer. These are all things that sound good to me! Personally I try and eat vegan as much as possible, and when I do I definitely notice not only the physical benefits, but emotionally as well. So much of our meat products here in the U.S. these days are laden with hormones. Just look at your egg carton. You will notice they have started to be labeled by "no added hormones." Excess hormones can wreak havoc on your body. I challenge you to do some research. Get educated. Be open to another opinion other than your own, and maybe, even try eating Vegan for a week. See how you feel. One of my favorite Vegan blogs for recipes and information is
Happy vegan hunting! 

Teanna Gentry
Director of Operations
Hot Feet Fitness 


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