Everything we do affects our health. Our job, our family, our friends, our social life. It all plays a part in how our body and mind operate. Our body is listening to all the input and being exposed to the good and the bad. Think about it. Right now how is your life going? Are you feeling happy? Are you stressed? Too busy? All is well? I want to encourage you as we embark into Summer season to really take a life self-assessment. A healthy body & mind come from balance. Here are my 5 tips for creating more balance in your life.

1) Nurture and take care of yourself. Get adequate rest, exercise every day, and eat a balanced diet. Throw out the meat & dairy if you really want to see your body thrive! 
2) Set your priorities. Look at your values and decide what's really important to you and spend your time and energy on those items. 
3) Work on your mindset. Get organized and plan ahead. Take time away to connect with people and activities that recharge you! 
4) Learn to roll with life's curveballs. Be okay with adjusting your game plan. You can't control everything. 
5) Stay positive! Begin your day by counting your blessings and set an intention to make the best of whatever the day throws at you. You've got this! 
If all else fails, here's a little piece I wrote back when I was going through a crazy time of life and just needed to vent. 
"In everything there is a season.
A time for love, a time for pain
Words that hurt, words that heal
There's love, there's numb 
There's hoping for more, there's receiving less. 
Keep moving, keep breathing
Making a choice, making a plan.
In everything there is a season.
To change. To strive. To push through. For deliverance. For grace. For beauty in the ashes. I know it's there. I know it's possible. There is love, there is commitment, there is choice. Every minute, every day. In everything there is a season. It's worth it. Remember. Don't forget why. Hold it tight. Soak it in. Embrace the seasons. Grow. Change. Look forward. Soak it all in."

Teanna Gentry
Director of Operations

Originally published to the Westside Weekly Paper

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