Post Partum Body Talk

11 days postpartum✌️. Every new Mama has a different post-baby body experience, but here's what I know. I was stronger & more active in this pregnancy and healthier in general. Teaching 2-4 classes/week until 37 weeks and taking classes up until the delivery of Aksel at 41+ weeks. I did barre, yoga, and X21 at Hot Feet. 

I took walks, ate Vegan 80% of my meals (haven't had red meat in months & still eat seafood)...Call me Veg-ish?! But I still had my share of icecream most nights and had my blended coffee drinks too☕️! It's all about balance.

When I get back to work next month I'll be starting something new!! Working as a certified Health Coach at the studio and I can't wait! I completed 100hrs of training for this certification over 6 months with our Live Healthy Program. 

Here's a glimpse inside the manual introduction (that participants in the health coaching will utilize) with a deeper dive into what you can expect with the program:

The Live Healthy Program, presented by Hot Feet Fitness, is the Heartbeat of Hot Feet. It is designed to empower participants to understand the fundamental elements of living a fully healthy lifestyle. The program is necessary because it looks beyond the work that happens in class at HFF in a comprehensive method. The Hot Feet Fitness culture supports and enables the teaching that happens within the Live Healthy Program. Therefore, members may maximize their membership and personal results by having the knowledge they need to be successful while living within a community that is supportive of their goals and aspirations.


Success within the Live Healthy Program and at Hot Feet Fitness is defined not just in terms of physique but with consideration for what is happening inside in the unseen places of our bodies as well. We know that it is possible to create a false sense of health by simply having a great body. But what if that leads to an illness, terminal diagnosis, injury, or many other forms an unhealthy life barrier can present. We want our members to achieve great health and to be able to enjoy that with a healthy physique simultaneously.

If you want to learn how to get healthier & live well let me know. If you don't live local I can still coach you! Email with any inquiries or questions. 

Cheers to Fall friends!

In Health, 

Teanna Gentry
Director of Operations
Hot Feet Fitness

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