Live Healthy Program

Starting Sunday, November 1st we are kicking off the first Live Healthy Program. Why did we start this program? Because we believe that living healthy is achievable for everyone and in community we can all encourage each other to strive to make better choices, be fit, and love it everyday. When you are a member of Hot Feet Fitness you are able to join the program at no charge and utilize a wealth of information we provide to you that all circles back to creating a better, healthy lifestyle for you and your family. 

Visit this page below to learn more about adopting a good, long term, maintenance diet. 

In November we have 13 members who have decided they want to be a part of this program, and we are so excited to see the their results at the end of the month. If you see them at the studio, or see their name on the blackboard, give them a high five or quick note to empower them in their efforts towards better health. 

Are you interested in joining us on our health and fitness journey with this program? Email me to get more details at 

In Health, 
Teanna Gentry
Director of Operations at Hot Feet Fitness


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