It does a Body GOOD!


It's a fun word that means fruits & veggies! At Hot Feet, we are focused on our health by not only working out, but also by eating healthy. Your body is built in the kitchen! 

Freggies is a local organic produce delivery service we LOVE, because they truly offer something BETTER. The produce is fresh, organic, local, and delivered to your doorstep. It does your body good, and it's all seasonal produce so you know your body is eating the best of the best. 

Here's a great FAQ if you want to know more about it!

  • Can I get Freggies at work?
    Yes, and Yes! You can set your delivery address to your work address or get your coworkers fired up about Freggies... 

  • Do you have any quick, easy and healthful recipes?
    Yes, we periodically post our favorites here. If you have some recipes that you would like to share, please send them to us! 

  • What comes in a FregPick?
    We pick what goes into a FregPick box. To see a sample of what may come in a FregPick: Mixed Fruit & Veggie. The beauty of a FregPick is it is inexpensive and you can set it up to automatically show up once a week or every-other week! Note that the contents of the FregPick can change at any moment based on produce availability. 

  • Is Freggies organic produce locally grown?
    We like to say that all of our organic produce is local to someone. Of course we do our best to use local farms when possible but some of the time we have to go elsewhere to get the variety that our members want year round. We only work with certified organic growers. 

  • Your pricing seems low for organic produce. How & why do you do that?
    Our prices are lower because we purchase direct and we don't have the high overhead expenses of a grocery store. We just have delivery trucks!  We do however ask that you realize that you should expect about five percent of your order to be bad when you get it. This may sound astounding but the reality is that we can't see through the produce skin. Sometimes produce can taste bad even though it looks fine on the outside. Sometimes a bad piece sneaks through our eagle eyes or is hidden within a box. This is part of the nature of this business. Let us know of any of it that you see right away and we can credit you or add some replacement items to your next order with Freggies! 

  • You don't carry an item I want!
    Please let us know about the items you want. We pick from a list of hundreds of available items each week in an attempt to provide the most common and popular items. We do accommodate special orders. The best thing to do is email your request to and simply let us know what you are looking for and the quantity. We will bend over backwards to accommodate these requests. If you know well in advance (a week or two) that you will need something, please try to let us know as soon as possible. 

  • Do you serve offices?
    Yes we do! Contact us directly to hear about the services we have specifically for office environments. 

  • Do you deliver produce to restaurants?
    Most definitely! Contact us directly to hear how we can serve your restaurant.  

  • Is all the produce organic?
    Yes, Freggies supplies all organic produce! 

    WHAT'S A BOX HAVE? Check out the picture below!

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