How and Why You Should Start Meditating

Meditation is the art of understanding the mind.There are incredible benefits to incorporating meditation in your life, however, starting the practice can be the most difficult step. In fact, there are many misconceptions about meditation that turn people off from even starting. When I ask people what they think meditation is, often times they say it's “emptying the mind” or “not thinking”. Coming into meditation with this idea is a guarantee set up for failure because it is impossible. It is impossible to “empty the mind” or “not think”, the mind was designed to think.

Knowing this, we need to have a clear and attainable approach to meditation; it is simply that meditation is the ability to witness your thoughts and not react. To simply observe them and let them go as needed. Being able to possess this skill can have a life-changing and a profound impact on you. It can make a huge difference on how you approach your life, change your perspective on how you interact with others, enhance your compassion, allow more clarity to your life, increase focus and emotional stability, and reduce overall stress.

Ways You Can Meditate:

Knowing that meditation is the process of understanding your mind and thoughts is the first step we can take to start meditating. From here, we next practice the art of relaxation. With meditation, you cannot start until you are comfortable and relaxed. It can take a long time to learn how to get there as we unwravel the layers of your subconsciousness, but there are a few practices we can do to get there.

  1. Moving Meditation
    This involves quieting the mind and directing complete attention to a task in the moment. Typically, yoga, fitness classes, and other forms of physical activity are the most common practice.

  2. Guided Meditation
    This involves verbal instruction from a teacher through a meditation practice.

  3. Sensory Meditation
    This is also a guided practice that focuses your attention on a physical stimulation.

  4. Mindfulness Meditation
    This is a focus on the mind itself, understanding and embodying the idea that we are not our thoughts, emotions, or actions.

In order to meditate, the first step always is to be comfortable and relaxed. Whatever actions or activity that can get you there is purely up to you. Going through the process of understanding what it is that can bring you relaxation is a powerful tool in itself and is part of the meditation process. Some key things to note as we step into a meditation practice is that you cannot force it. You cannot force clarity, but we can prepare ourselves. You must also avoid avoiding, allow experiences to penetrate themselves fully in your practice. While in this, allow yourself to experience without acting. It is possible to experience pain or pleasure without being driven to act on it. And finally, allow your practice to be an opportunity to watch yourself. Give yourself the space, time, and love to accept yourself authentically without judgement and as you are.



Diana Ratana
Hot Feet Fitness Instructor

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