A Summary of the X21 Workout

An excerpt from a trainer summary of the X21 workout...

Throughout this X21 certification journey I have learned a lot about both myself and the people around me. I have learned the true meaning of dedication and practice; passing along health and wellness, meeting people where they are at, wherever they may be. The goal at Hot Feet Fitness, and with X21, is to help every single person be their best possible self. If we don't address where we currently are we will never be able to address moving ourselves forward. Becoming healthy starts as a thought, turns into an intention, turns into an action, and we bloom. X21, in my experience, is really about finding that boundary, the power to bloom-- and pushing it.

The drive for health, the drive for fitness, the drive for treating your body right, actively eating healthy foods, meditating regularly. The drive to educate ourselves and others about our collective environment. These are our expectations. As a public face of the Hot Feet Fitness community I am compelled to both pursue and lead in these realms of health. Eating a plant-based diet, no processed foods, no meat, no dairy, less carbs, more living produce. Simple foods, with the notion that 80% of our effort is put into our diet, and 20% into our physical and mental health. Maintaining emotional stability, navigating a positive pursuit, sharing that positive energy with whatever room I'm in or with the members in the studio. This is what makes us leaders. Armed with the knowledge to share. What I am excited to soon be certified in sharing the X21 workout. X21 is a high intensity, body weight based workout. It is simple at its core. Each workout consists of 28 bodyweight exercises, 45 seconds a piece, for 21 minutes in total. "Twenty-one and done!" As they say. Just to note, a bodyweight based exercise is one that that you can perform without the use of any weights, props, or machinery. We do encourage you to use a yoga mat as it helps with gripping the floor throughout the various exercises (and a water bottle, of course!), and we do offer advanced options with simple resistance tools such as 3-5lb weights, a lightweight ball, floor sliders, etc. However, all you really need is yourself and the floor. This is the power and the simplicity of X21.

X21 always opens with the instructor introducing themselves and X21, mentioning techniques and tips to the members before their workout, and offering reminders to listen to their bodies and push themselves when they can. The instructor also reminds each member that they are welcome to add props if desired, and outlines which props (if any) they will be adding into the workout for more advanced variations.

Then, the workout opens with deep squats. The first exercise we do in every single class (day or night) is deep squats. The same is true for sprints, being the last exercise of each X21 workout. The rest of the exercises in between are all curated and lead by the instructor. These exercises might consist of things like pushups, burpees, lunges, etc, and often reflect the specific instructor's individual teaching style. Often the workouts are designed to flow up and down, working out all the different parts of the body consecutively.

Overall, I am so insanely appreciative of the amazing opportunity that is Hot Feet Fitness. Everyone in the vicinity of being possibly associated with this place has only been positive facing. The community is strong, and the member-base is growing. I can see the longevity of the vision that Hot Feet as a business model is fostering, and I can see the utmost of benefits to the members and surrounding communities.

Thank you so much for believing in me to represent Hot Feet Fitness as an X21 instructor. It is truly an honor to carry this torch. I have begun on a path of furthering my inner self more deeply than I ever thought was possible. I call each of my classes my X21 family, because that's truly how I feel when I am surrounded by such boundless life all around me. I could not be more grateful for the life I am living every single day. Thank you! Now, let's push it.

Brianna Lee
Hot Feet Fitness X21 Workout Trainer



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