I am asking you the question. Can you be healthy? Can you decide if your going to be healthy or not? Most of the people I talk to agree that they can be healthy if they choose to be. I have proven it to be true in my life. I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized melanoma in 1999. I was given a 5% chance of making it. I believe that luck is kind to those that are prepared. So, yes, I am lucky but I am also educated and willing to fight hard. The more I learned, the more that fight became about thriving and not just merely surviving. Today, I fight for you! Too many people live knowing they can contribute to their good health yet spend much of their time worrying if cancer, heart disease, diabetes or many other ailments will fall from the sky onto their lives. I found a path that is plain and available to everyone that makes it possible to avoid nearly all dis-ease and ailments. My fight is not against people, processes, companies or even certain foods. My fight is with a culture and an era that does not actively believe that they have any control over their outcome.
There are two parallel paths that I travel to experience success in achieving great health and vitality. First, I make positive changes. These are made daily and incrementally. Big changes are easy because they are made daily in small choices but over time they added up to big results.  Small choices made daily become big as the results from them transform my body, my mind and my perspective. The second path is education. I continue to find myself on each of these two paths. The way these paths have worked together is key and I do not believe I would have been successful had I not done both simultaneously. As I made changes, I need to think differently. I need to be convinced that the change was right in order for it to stick. I need to enjoy it and understand why I was doing it. Had I not experienced this, I may have easily been lead back to the lies displayed on billboards, television and product packaging around us every day.
The sad truth is that I do not believe most people would have to stretch a great distance to agree with all of what I am saying. In fact, I would argue that all of us that are over forty were taught most of this when we were kids with comments like these: "eat your greens;" "start with your salad," and; "finish your veggies" along with other similar comments our parents and grandparents would make. So, why is it so difficult for us to implement? Why do we struggle to put pen to paper and rubber to the road when it comes to our health? Why do we know what we need to and should do but we still refuse one little decision at a time. We watch the days pass as if we are no more in charge of our health than the man on the moon is of the sun. Well, I am going to share with you the answers to these questions and give you some simple keys to producing remarkable health in your own life and the lives of those around you next month.  Until then, eat your greens!
Jerrod Sessler
Founder of Hot Feet Fitness