Hometown: Seattle, WA

Jerrod is passionate about his community, health, and, his family. He created Hot Feet Fitness to be a place of inspiration and freedom. Hot Feet it a wellspring meaning it is a place where people gather regardless of their other intersections in life. It is a place for community to truly happen. It is a place for people to find the best in themselves so they can enjoy it and share their best with others.

In 1999, Jerrod was facing a grim reality that included a terminal cancer diagnosis. One that he was told would take his life within five years. He refused most of the conventional medical treatments and choose instead to look at what he was doing and what he could do differently to contribute to a solution than the problem. Jerrod made what most would consider some fairly radical lifestyle changes, lost a lot of weight and eventually got interested in fitness, wrote some books about his story and feels better today than he ever has.

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